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identical twins

Anna and Bella embraced a quiet fear when they upped and left their hometown of Madison, Wisconsin for Toronto to show the world that they are the Alternative Pop duo it never knew it needed. They are a rare pair of identical twins: Anna is non-binary and Bella is a woman.

Bella’s favourite song of theirs, “Nothing Here,” lyrically revealed to them both what could result when allowing themselves to be consumed by their comfort zone. Instead, the duo chose to dream. They now find themselves in the music capital of Canada amongst the perfect storm – constantly deepening their craft while studying music business at Toronto Metropolitan University's Creative Industries program.

With synthetic sounds and atmospheric energy, Anna and Bella curate a sound they coin Alternative Pop, as their catchiness and appeal beautifully juxtapose their non-conventional lyrics in a way that separates them from their contemporaries. Amongst their early influences are globally appealing pop stars like Miley Cyrus, Selena Gomez, and One Direction. As Anna and Bella grew and refined, so did their influences and musical visions; many fans have compared their sound and aesthetic to the likes of The Japanese House and MARINA. In common, they share the fantasy vibe that plays as a backdrop to metaphorically dripped explorations.

Still, one influence far supersedes all the others. The influence that sparked Anna and Bella’s creative desire to write, sing and produce is their beloved dad, Michael Brandmeier. A musician himself, Michael brought Anna and Bella to the studio when they were very young, planting a seed that a family of entertainers would inevitably water. This led to vocal lessons starting in 2010 and GarageBand-produced original songs in middle school. Down the line came “Countdown,” a song the twins wrote in 15 minutes that caught the attention of artists like Christian Leave.

To further build on Anna and Bella’s immense talent, they have most recently performed at the Creative Industries showcase as well as a student-curated live concert with almost 100 people in attendance. In the summer ahead, fans can expect new music as the duo intends to focus on exploring new sounds and collaborating with different artists. Thus, from Wisconsin were born identical twins with identical tones who shattered their comfort zones to share with the world their enchanting lyrics, their breathtaking voices, and their unparalleled love for music.


Written by Giuli Saucedo and Matthew Worku. Website designed with help from Rachel Scott and Sofia Clements.

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